Health technology innovation

Handi builds smart design-led sanitiser dispensers created to simplify and improve the hand hygiene experience. We work with market leading businesses, facility managers and operators to deploy single and multi-site sanitisation networks.

Designing Dispensers

Handi totems have been purpose designed for premium front of house environments with unlimited possibilities for customisation and branding. Dispensers can be fully coloured and wrapped to create any design or branding livery.

Innovation meets sanitisation

Internal sensors within the tank send real time messages via an IoT cloud-based platform to a dashboard, which we call TouchPoint. Here you can see live stock level data. TouchPoint will also notify you, via email, when the sanitiser level is below 20%.

No, totems use infared sensors to deliver a completely touch free experience in any indoor or outdoor environment.

Yes, Handi totems are designed to be completely customisable or branded both in colour and livery.

The totems are powered by an internal lithium ion battery which can last up to nine months and can also be recharged in under 3 hours. There is no requirement for plugs or wires.

Live usage data is fed in real time via our IoT back end platform ‘TouchPoint’ which allows you so see exactly when and where people are using the totems.


Our totems have been designed and tested to dispense any type of sanitiser: liquid, gel or foam.

Handi totems range in price from £400-£650 dependent on quantities. There is also a small fee, per unit, for branding and the annual license which gives you access to TouchPoint our dashboard.

Our 3.5L tank will provide up to 10,000 vends using a foam sanitiser and 7,500 using gel or liquid solution.

We can also provide alcohol and non alcohol based sanitiser.

Keeping it clean



Since inception we have delivered thousands of dispensers across the world helping hundreds of clients keep millions of hands clean and their people safe. Handi was founded in April 2020 in response to Covid 19 and the desire to build world class hand hygiene technology designed for any type of premium commercial environment.

Join our team

  • Ant
  • Anthony Ganjou


    Ant is the CEO/Founder of Handi and often described as an idea and technology dispenser. His role is driving the overarching commercial growth for Handi and to lead on tech development, brand and marketing.
    When not obsessing about innovative sanitisation, Ant spends his time supporting start-up entrepreneurs build everything from Jet pack suits to machine learning in video games.


  • Rob
  • Rob Dembitz


    Rob is the Chief Commercial Officer, which means his remit covers everything from strategy & finance to operations & sales…and he does love networking too.

    Rob has been in growth-orientated roles at a variety of media companies, such as EMI and Cannes Lions. He is also a mentor, advisor and board member to a number exciting start-ups.
    He holds an MBA from London Business School and initially worked in private equity, but (his twin girls aside) believes his greatest accomplishment is the three international rugby caps he won.


  • Dee
  • Denise Moore

    Sales and Partnerships Director 

    Dee is best served with coffee and a side of sarcasm and believes you get in life what you have the courage to ask for!

    An experienced commercial leader with 20+ years of brand partnership, experiential and digital media experience, selling and delivering sponsorships, events, exhibitions, outdoor media, radio advertising, operations, development and strategic leadership in global media

  • Fed
  • Federica Pignatelli

    Account Director

    Fed is our Account Director and pro plate spinner!
    Adept at pulling rabbits out of hats. Solution finder and proud Marie Kondo super-fan. Fed has over 10 years experience within the Advertising, PR and Events world.