Brand design customisation

Handi works with some of the world’s foremost brands on customising our dispenser technology. Totems have been designed to be sprayed or wrapped in any colour or livery specific to commercial environments. 

Foam or Gel

Our dispensers deliver touch free sanitiser using any type of solution in both indoor or outdoor environments. The internal 3.5L tank has a capacity to clean from 6,000 – 10,000+ hands*

*subject to solution choice.

Refilling made easy & fast

Handi SmartFill technology makes it incredibly easy and fast to refill the dispenser with no mess.

Simply plug into any container of sanitiser, connect the hose to the machine and at the push of a button the machine fills or tops itself up to capacity within 60 seconds.

  • Reduced risk of spillage
  • Only takes as much as required
  • Can be filled with large mobile bowser

Zero waste sanitisation

Handi has designed the industry’s first zero waste approach to sanitiser packaging and distribution. Our re-fillable and re-useable sanitiser bags can be filled with every type of sanitiser liquid and have been designed for hundreds of uses and returns, removing the need for single-use plastic containers across dispenser networks.

This approach to sustainable sanitisation allows clients to eradicate plastic waste created by traditional single use plastic bottles and cartons.