Efficient facility management

No cartridges means you fill up the units when you want to. You don’t need to wait before they are empty.

No need to throw away part used cartridges or decant part used bottles.

You can top up the dispensers at a regular time of day or before an event. Simply use the auto fill system and the dispenser will take what it needs.

The auto fill system is ideal for refilling from mobile bowsers or backpacks.


Touchless dispense

Tank capacity 5 litres
Dispense dose typically set at 3ml

Number of dispenses per fill
Gel – 1650
Foam – 3300

Dispenses/Day Months Weeks Days
0 6.8 27 190
100 5.4 22 151
500 2.7 11 75

Time to refill from empty 60-90 seconds